2016 Roswell Hike It and Spike It – Breakdowns and Predictions

TOP COLUMNIST – Dennis Freels – May 19, 2016


We said last year could be the most competitive “Show Me The Money” tournament of all time and we were right, until this year.  A TEXAS vs FLORIDA show with a little bit of CALI and ARIZONA sprinkled in for good measure is in FULL EFFECT.  A record 5 Florida teams (traditionally the dominating home of 4on4) are heading west to take on last years TEXAS Champ the Looney Tunes and 11 other Lone Star brothers in this EPIC Roswell Masterpiece.  Never before has the Money division presented so many teams that really have a chance to win, in fact, never before has the tournament kept all the past tournament favorites and added 3 new teams that could win it.


ENTERTAINMENT ALL WEEKEND LONG – that’s the 2016 Motto and reality this year.  Over 20 Elite teams from across the USA will be playing a lot of MANO A MANO – (a Spanish expression mano a mano which means not “man-to-man” but “hand-to-hand,” as in hand-to-hand combat: one on one.) and there’s more teams in the Tournament Favorites section than ever before.  So many teams have a chance to win this tournament – hopefully the refs can keep it under control as some of the most aggressive gridiron warriors line up to see who is the best.


Manny Sanabia has never lost in Roswell; he’s been 5 times and won 5 Championships.  Can he lead his newer younger group to the top of the podium?


Wet N Dirty finished 3rd in 2014, 2nd in 2015 and ???? in 2016.  How will they fill in that blank?


These questions and more can only be answered Memorial Weekend at the Greatest 4on4 Show on Earth.


Let the games begin and welcome to the largest 4-on-4 flag football tournament in the world!


Tournament Favorites


Looney Tunes – Dallas, TX

2015 was the breakout year for the Tunes.  They silenced the critics and now find themselves atop the Tournament Favorite section with a big ol X on their back.  Not sure if they are the reason Florida is bringing a record 5 teams to Roswell this year, but either way, they will have their hands full.  They are the team to beat and they know it.  QB Diere “Fresh” Franklin loves to buy time with his legs and can throw on the run with the best of them.  Receivers JJ and Jarvis will continue take care of business at wideout while Brandel Webb holds down the center position.  Big playmakers on defense Frankie Solomon and TJ are dangerous at any point in the game working underneath experienced safety Chris Clariett.  


Wet N Dirty – Jacksonville, FL

They’ve won it all except Roswell – well, maybe not the Dallas tourney but pretty much everything else that matters including the big USFTL Florida tournament this past January.  Myron Donaldson can take the ball and score often and mostly at will.  QB Michael Adams and Co-Captain Ramon Sampson lead a very talented group of players that finished 3rd two years ago and 2nd last year.  If the pattern continues these guys will be leaving with the Big Money on Sunday afternoon.


Goose Crew – Miami, FL

Jorge Cascudo can knock a tick off a dog’s rear end at 100 yards away and has done it more than any of his competitors would like to see.  Arguably the best QB to ever play this game he continues to dominate when he plays.  Albert and Jaime make it easy to play well and seem to be the part of the secret sauce that keeps them in this section.  The rest of the crew is expecting to win every time they show up.  They start the show with a match-up from the championship game two years ago against Blackout (should Blackout get by the EP Cocks early).  Goose Crew has a bad habit of losing early and having to come back through the loser’s bracket so every eye will be on this game to see if they will continue the sad tradition.


Dream Team – LA, CA

Marc Couch the Beast, Chuck Lozano the scientist and James Calhoun the superstar lead the California all-star cast to come to the desert and finally get to play the game they love the best after not getting a chance to play since last year.  These guys hover around the podium more than any other team without taking the big money.  A hard team to predict but even harder to not put them in the tournament favorites section.  Play the odds and keep them here I think, it’s hard to count them out…the lack of preparation may hold them down and this could be last year they list at the top of these predictions, but then again, that may be the fuel they need.


Heat – Dallas, TX

Mario Martin is the next generation mad scientist.  He carries that banner well and is starting to be mentioned in conversation with some of the best QB’s to ever play the game.  A true student of the game Mario went out and put some amazing pieces together to give him the best chance to utilize his technical skills.  Big playmakers Greg Meek, Jerell Norton, and Corey Webb have won quite a few tournaments under the HEAT title and built up some great chemistry with Erik Tomlinson, Bryan “Hollywood” Garcia, Mitch Elliot and Prosper.  If they can stay positive and keep thinking this will be their breakout championship run.  Everything else is in place for them to take home the money.


Miami 305  – Miami, FL

A mix of 3 past Miami powerhouses IN THE ZONE, MOB and 305 and led by arguably the best player to ever play the game, Manny Sanabia (5 Roswell Championships out of 5 Roswell Trips), these guys are the greatest wild card in the tournament – after sitting out about 4 years Manny is leading this group of mostly Roswell Rookies into a battle that could go either way really fast.  If Manny can get the guys together in time they could win the tournament, he obviously knows how.


In It to Win It


Youngbloodz – Jacksonville, FL

The YBZ recently finished second in the USFTL National Championships.  These guys are extremely athletic and love going after the big play.  Although they have problems with teams that know them, David Price (who some argue is the best all around athlete in the state of Florida) has been working on his play calling to make sure he focuses on taking what the defense gives him.  They will be tested early against a smart Mockingbird team and then the best team out of California, Dream Team.  


Sik Wit It – Jacksonville, FL

Hard Nosed captain Brian “BA” Traster is looking forward to playing SikWitIt football in Roswell, and that means something to these guys.  A tight-knit family group that’s been playing together for over a decade and winners of the recent Panther Kick-Off Tournament there’s no doubt in their mind that they are coming to win this tournament.  After watching the Looney Tunes win in 2015, they couldn’t help but kick themselves knowing that they were responsible for both Looney Tune loses in 2014.  That’s probably what’s on their minds as they get in the car for the 23 hour drive and they can’t help but think what could have been last year.


BTB – Dallas, TX

Maybe the most athletic team in the tournament headlined by Ramonce Taylor, Will Cole, and Demarius Washington, these airplanes are freaks of nature.  You don’t want to see them one on one and QB Matt “Manzy” Manzanares knows it.  The coming out party for the top GM in the country Manzy will play host to most of the stars from the past Blackout 2014 Tournament Championship Team.  If that wasn’t newsworthy enough you’re never going to believe who is going to be standing on the sideline when they take the field, ready to do whatever he can do to help…..Rick Ibarra, yeah, thats right I said RICK, you know the famous QB from MOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We may or may not put up a tent with his name on it and charge for autographs, but what we will be doing is videoing every snap if possible.


Blackout – Dallas, TX

This isn’t your mama’s blackout but they are still ready.  The name brand is all good as long as the GM is head of the ship.  Captain Fred McDonald went out and got the band leader Allen Warren to see if he can use the legend Black Jackson to make it to the top of the ladder.  McDonald also reached down deep to get Monster wide receiver Christopher Mallot who seems to love playing with the pros as seen in the Dallas Roswell Warm-Up where they lost to Looney Tunes in the championship by one point.  Should they make it past their first game, they face Goose Crew early, a repeat of the Championship game two years ago.  So much on the line so early.


Mockingbird – Dallas, TX

A fun team to watch, these guys could write the book on trick plays.  Veteran QB’s Clay Tucker and Patrick Alley teamed up with a few other masterminds to try and find a way to win some money in the desert.  Dallas radio personality and wide receiver Jeff Cavanaugh has won his share of big tournaments and hopes to make a safe return to the field after undergoing knee surgery.  An early Saturday matchup of opposites will be very interesting.  Speed vs Experience will be the headliner and reveal the Mockingbird chances throughout the weekend.  If they can do what they have done in the past and what they know they can do it could mean a lot of success.


Code Red – Dallas, TX

A mix of a lot of talent and experience, if these guys can get in sync early enough they will play a lot of football in Roswell.  Playing their first game against a man that has never lost in Roswell could be a bit daunting if this team wasn’t made up of some players that know what it’s like to play in plenty of championship games over the years.  If they can get by 305 early Jeff Henderson and DJ Weekly can get behind Roswell Rookie QB Devalon Bryant to take care of business.  Bryant is a top National 9man QB and is out to make his mark in the 4man game.  He’s cooler than the other side of the pillow…it’s going to be fun watching how these guys put all the pieces in place.  They definitely have what it takes to win some money.


Could Make Some Noise


Truth – Dallas, TX

With lots of talent on this team these guys could upset some people in 2016.  Roswell Veteran David Keirsey knows what it takes to claw his way through the tournament and if he can get the new team in sync he will have some success.  After beating a tough Stigers team and a Coca-Cola bullies team last year Truth faced Wet N Dirty and came up short.  They will be looking to capitalize on that success and do what they know they can do.  Anthony Jourdan on both offense and defense will be looking to also lead the troops to try and put the right match-ups in place.  Keeping the same team together and working with a new cast is tough but the “Truth” is these guys can ball.


Swagger – Phoenix, AZ

Recently winning the 5man World Championships in Vegas has to be a confidence booster to this tough 2 QB team from Arizona.  Sergio Ramirez and Jamar Gibson will be running the new offense as Gibson gets his first real taste of 4man. He is a scrambler and will make some people miss but this isn’t 8man and you can’t run so Gibson will need to get a feel for how Roswell works if these guys are going to have any success.  He definitely has the ability if they can put some good offensive strategies together.  


Hitmen – Riverside, CA

After a rough 2015 run Joshua Harvey is counting on his big College tight end Dash Crutchley to help string together a few more wins.  Dash can jump with the best of them, big body and hard to get around.  John Mosser will be calling the plays on Defense and Eric Russell will be doing what he has done at many different levels.  He played at Middle Tennessee State and spent a year on the practice squad for the New England Patriots.  Most of these guys have been playing a lot of 5man and hope to carry that over to the Roswell game.


El Paso Young Gunz – El Paso, TX

The young gunz are a tough team out of El Paso.  Matthew Berroteran went into his recruiting bag to bring in some new guys that should be able to help.  If he can get them all on the same page in time they can win some games.   They have been playing together and have the speed to make big plays.  The QB Robert Reyes has a lot of experience in Roswell and will take his time and put the ball where it needs to be.  His speedsters can run good routes so they may shock a few people like they have in the past.


Amarillo Slaughterhouse – Amarillo, TX

A mix of three of the top teams in Amarillo, basically the Amarillo All-Stars, these guys know the game and will come ready to lay it all on the line.  Not being able to play anyone outside of Amarillo over the last year keeps us guessing on how they will look though.  If they play like we know they can, they can shock some people like they did last year by upsetting Goose Crew early on.  It’s not the same team but some of the players are on this team so they have to be thinking they have what it takes to go all the way.


Jumpmen – Dallas, TX

A mix of a lot of good flag football players from Dallas, these guys will have a tough time adjusting to the fast paced game in Roswell.  Without having a chance to play together much before this weekend, they will be facing a tough uphill battle.  Look for some great individual stuff from some of these guys as they can scoot, but as a team, this one will be a learning experience.


El Paso Cocks  – El Paso, TX – someone call me from this team 817.368.0800


Stay Ready, CA – someone call me from this team 817.368.0800


Not included in the predictions


Full Armor – Dallas, TX

I will be playing with a bunch of flag football junkies from all over.  Drive safe and we hope to be able to see everyone this weekend.

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