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1st Round Playoff Spreads and Predictions: Win or Go Fishing
Its playoff time and any given sunday you can get beat. The beauty of it is that there is no tomorrow so either win or be at Joe Poole fishing. lol Good luck, I’ll be out in Vegas this weekend for my B-day making these wagers, but good luck to everybody that made the dance.#Salute

Field 1
12:00 Northside(-2) vs Cowboys(+2)
1:15 Roughnecks (pk) vs The Firm (pk)
2:30 Goonz(-6) vs Low Seed
3:45 (2) Hotboys(-6) vs High Seed
Field 2
12:00 Aliens(pk) vs Rotts(pk)
1:15 Bluechips(-7)vs Bandits(-7)
2:30 Shotyme(-7) vs Low Seed(-7)(TBD)
3:45 2Koo(-51/2)l vs High Seed(Bluechips (+5 1/2)

Women’s Spreads

Field 3
12:00 Ladies First(-7) vs Headbustas(+7)
1:15 Bust It Open(-6) vs Charlie’s Angels(+6)
2:30 Stallions(-12) vs Low Seed(Ladies First)(+12)
3:45 Blackout(-8) ( vs High Seed)Bust It Open(+8)

Field 4
12:00 Havoc Reloaded(-12) vs (+12) Dynasty is Unladylike
1:15 2Kool(-18) vs Xplosive(+18)
2:30 Lady Cowboys(-5) vs Low Seed(Reloaded) (+5)
3:45 LPA (-1) vs High Seed(2Kool)(+1)

5* Bluechips -7 over Bandits. Fellow InGrindmode Jones and the Bluechips enter the playoffs with the hopes of making some noise after having one of their best seasons in years. This first round match-up should be a blowout against a low Bandits team that barely made the dance. Bluechips must avoid a look ahead to a matchup against 2kool in the second round which I think they will get there and blow out the Bandits.
Prediction 28 Bandits 6

4* Play on Cowboys +2 over Northside. Patrick Alley and the Cowboys squeaked into the dance after surviving a tough schedule this season. This team is actually better than their record indicate which could be scary going into this matchup against Northside.  IFJermaine Thapeopleschamp Toney can get pressure against Justin Harris it could prove to be a long day for Northside. Northside has the advantage on the d-line which could be a problem.The Cowboys in my opinion have the better talent at skill position with the likes of Jarvis Johnson Jodie Thomas and former OU standout Lendycoldheartedass Holmes. Im going to back the underdog Cowboys to win this game straight up and advance to the second round. Prediction: Cowboys 13 Northside 12

3 * Roughnecks (pk) over the Firm. The Firm pulled off an upset against Anthony Jenkins and the shorthanded Roughnecks 2 weeks ago to give them their first loss of the season. This could be bad for the Firm as Anthony Crabtree and Too Sweet turn up their level of play in playoffs. Im going to take Roughnecks in a revenge game to advance to 2nd round. Prediction: Roughnecks 18 Firm 7

2* Play on Stallions -12 over Ladies First in Second round. -Im predicting ladies first to play stallions in second round but the buck stops here. This stallions team seem to be on a mission to win the ship and I don’t think they should have a problem with their second round opponent from the looks of it. Prediction: Stallions 28 Ladies First 6

1* Havoc -12 over Dynasty as they have already blanketed this team earlier this season and they shouldn’t have a problem doing it again. Prediction: Havoc 22 explosive 6

1* Play on Xplosive (+18) Think explosive will hang within 18 points as Terence Williams 2kool have blasted them already. Most teams typically play better 2nd time around and I think 2kool will sleep on this team but they will win a close one. 2kool 14 Xplosive 6.

2 team Parlay : Play on Goonz and Showtyme spreads in their second round opponents.These two teams shouldn’t have no problems with their 2nd rd opponents but its any given sunday. They both should prevail to their conference championship games voiding a let down.

Bonus Notes: I would stay away from the Hotboys game 2nd round because their 2nd round opponent Roughnecks. could be tough after allegations spiraled that Matterral Richardson and King King point shaved in a loss to Goonz last week as both blew too critical plays in the game; a fumble and a wide open TD dropped pass.. NO Play for me. # LOL#WudUpGuys

Good Luck to Everybody Going for Glory as it will be a Chilly Weekend.

Place wagers at fantasysportschallenge.us for both women and men playoff games. Free to sign up and cash prizes. — withBrandon Crutch and Stewart Murphy.

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