First Ever FFX Draft Tournament is a HUGE SUCCESS

The first ever FFX draft tournament was a huge success.  Over 70 players competed in the 5 hour tournament that was more of a celebration of “what’s possible” than a flag football competition.  “This was one of the most fun days of football I have ever played” exclaimed Diere Franklin, a top National 9Man QB and recent fan of the 4on4/5on5 game.  “It was great to play with so many new people and see the teams so evenly matched”.

The tournament featured only 16 Elite players, 16 Competitive players, 17 Recreational Players and 22 other players that were either brand new or ranked in our database as Couch Potato.  “I had a guy on my team that was new.” tells Ty Hamlin, long time nationally ranked 4on4 QB, “and on one of the first drives I told him to go 10 and drag.  He looked at me and said, “a what” and I said a DRAG, and he he looked at me and said, I’m sorry, but I have never played football before….I asked him, “you mean you haven’t ever played flag football, or any football at all?”, and he says to me, “I’ve never played ANY football ever before”, I couldn’t believe it but it was really cool playing with someone that new… so I explained to him what it was and he did a great job figuring it out.  He actually scored a few touchdowns that day and we all had a blast!”

“After being in business for 12 years, this has to be one of the coolest things we have EVER done”, says Dennis Freels, one of the owners at FFX, “So that’s saying a lot because we have given away $30,000 in one day and produced tournaments at both Cowboy Stadium and Texas Stadium and even worked with Deion Sanders at his house to produce an event in 2007.  So to say this is one of the coolest is significant due to the fact that it was all about the NEW GUYS playing with the OLD GUYS!!  When you have a chance for the experienced player and the NEW player to have a great time in the same tournament, it truly is a WIN-WIN for the organizer!”

The Draft tournament was such a huge success that we have already planned another one for June 8.  The deadline to register is June 4 and the draft will take place on June 6 at 7:30PM.  Everyone that registers online should be at the fields at 9:00AM to get their jersey’s and meet their team.  For more information click here or call or text 817.368.0800

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by Dennis Freels

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