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So you’re new to FlagFootballX and you’re not sure how to get started, Right?  Well, first we have to tell you a little bit about what we do.


Styles –

There are 3 different styles of flag football:

8-on-8 Screen –

Similar to the Intramurals you may have played in college.  There is no contact allowed but the blockers may screen block a rusher.  Played on a regular width field but a bit shorter length wise.  We have a Men’s League that plays on Sundays.

5-on-5 Screen –

Played on a field only 64 yards long and 25 wide.  It’s similar to the 8-on-8 but with only five men and the QB can only run after a hand-off or a throwback.  We have divisions for everyone including Men, Coed and Women’s Tournaments.  Our Sunday leagues have 3 divisions and our Saturday 5on5 tournaments have divisions for Competitive, Recreational and unranked players.

4-on-4 –

Mainly a passing game with no running allowed by the QB and a lot of man coverage on defense.  Usually only our Competitive and Elite players play this game.  We usually have 4on4 leagues and tournaments going year round.  The 4on4 league is on Saturdays.


What’s the difference between Leagues and Tournaments?

The main difference is that a league lasts many weeks in a row culminating with a final league championship, similar to the NFL, and the Tournaments are events that happen on one or two days of the same weekend.  So, if you want to get a team together and play once a week for a month or two, then you should play in a league and if you have a team that wants to play A LOT of games in one weekend then you should enter a tournament.  Or do both!!

Various Leagues –

8on8  –

Right now we have 8on8 leagues on Sunday’s in the Grand Prairie and Cedar Hill areas.  We also have leagues on Thursdays from time to time so check out the current or upcoming leagues links to see what’s going on.

5on5 –

Right now we have a Sunday evening league in the Arlington/Fort Worth area.  Check out the current or upcoming leagues links to see what’s going on.

4on4 –

Right now we have a Saturday league in the Keller area.  Check out the current or upcoming leagues links to see what’s going on.

Tournaments –

8on8  –

FFX 8Man usually hosts 4 tournaments a year.  The Winter Games in January, the Spring Fling in April, the Summer Night Bowl in July and the Billy Cole Classic in October.  Please click here to see the full list of upcoming tournaments.

5on5 –

FFX hosts 2 Tournaments at Cowboy Stadium every year and about 10-12 other tournaments scattered throughout the year.Please click here to see the full list of upcoming tournaments.

Draft Tournaments – 5on5

The draft tournaments are for everyone.  Register online as an individual and get drafted to play in the draft tournament.  Everyone that enters gets put on a team and gets to play.  Some people do this when they don’t have a team and other players do it because they like to play with different players for a change to see if they can win a tournament with a brand new team.  Either way, its a blast every time.  For the new guys, the draft tournament is an easy way to find a team because everyone in the tournament either has a team or is looking for a team.  Register today to get in the game at the next draft tournament.


What is the Ranking System?

Click here for complete details of our Ranking System and what it means.


How do I register?

Call or text 817.368.0800


How do I find a team?

Finding a team is easy.  Either come out to our leagues or text Cassie at 817.779.1981 to find a team for a tournament.  You can also put your information on our Facebook Free Agent page – click here


Top ten questions about FFX:

Please help us build this list by sending your questions to or texting them to 817.368.0800.  As we get them we will answer them and post the answers here for everyone to see.  Help us make FFX better and send us your question now.  Thanks!!

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