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4on4 Roswell Rules

Game Rules  

Start of the Game  

1. A coin flip will give the winner the option to start with possession OR select defense and direction. Possession and direction will be opposite to start the second half.
2. Game Time is Forfeit Time - NO GRACE PERIOD.
3. Offense begins on its own ten (10) yard line.
4. Must have two (2) players to start a game.
5. Participants must be registered before being allowed to play and must have a player wristband on.  

First Downs  

1. Reaching or crossing the midfield line in 3 plays or less.
2. A major penalty on the defensive team.  

Timing of the Game/Time Outs  

1. Winnerâ??s and Loserâ??s bracket games will consist of two 12-minute halves (running clock). The clock will stop for time outs, injuries, and a 3 minute halftime.
2 timeouts per game. NOTE: If a timeout is used after a touchdown the clock will not resume until the ball is snapped for the beginning of the next possesion.
3. Teams will be allowed 10 seconds to run a play after the official signals that the ball is ready for play.
4. Mercy Rule - when a team leads by 25 or more points they will be declared the winner.  


1. The winner of the coin flip can choose possession or defense and direction.
2. Teams will have a choice of a one (1) or a two (2)-point conversion (one play only).
3. Alternate possession until a winner is decided.  


1. A Touchdown is worth 6 points.
2. A Safety is worth 2 points (plus possession).
3. A conversion from the five (5) yard line is worth 1 point and a conversion from the ten (10) yard line is worth 2 points (the defense cannot score on conversions).  


1. Blocking will not be permitted at any time. This is a non-contact game.
2. Bump and Run defense is not allowed.  

Tackling/Flag Guarding  

1. A legal tackle takes place by a defender removing the ball carrierâ??s flag(s) without physically grasping him/her. If a flag is missing from the ball carrier, then he/she will be called down when touched by defender.
2. Flag guarding is the act of the ball carrier using his/her hand(s) or arm(s) to prevent the potential â??tacklerâ?? from pulling his/her flag. The ball carrier will be marked down at the point of the infraction.
3. The Breakaway Rule - if in the officialâ??s judgment the ball carrier is physically pushed or tackled by a defender to prevent an obvious score, the result will be a score for the offense and an unsportsmanlike penalty on the offender. It may also warrant the offenderâ??s ejection from the game and/or tournament.  

Change of Possession/Fumbles  

1. All drives and change of possession start at the ten (10) yard line. The only exception is when an interception takes place, the ball will be spotted for play at the point in which the â??interceptorâ?? is tackled.
2. All fumbles are considered dead balls at the point in which the ball hits the ground. If the ball is fumbled forward it will be marked at the point that the ball carrier lost control. Possession is maintained by the offensive team unless possession has been turned over by downs.
3. If the ball hits the ground during the Center/QB exchange the ball will be marked down at the spot the ball hit the ground.  


1. Offside, illegal procedure, too many men, delay of game, diving, etc. are all five (5) yard penalties. With two (2) minutes or less remaining in the half/game, a delay of game penalty will result in a loss of down in addition to the five (5) yards.
2. Pass interference, unsportsmanlike conduct (taunting), and blocking are ten (10) yard penalties. An automatic first down will be given if on the defensive team and loss of down if on the offensive team.
3. Excessive roughness, excessive taunting, fighting, and verbal abuse are considered flagrant penalties and may result in your dismissal from the game and/or tournament. Any player ejected from the event will be asked to immediately leave the site. If the player(s) do not     cooperate fully, their team(s) may be ejected. Ejection from the     event will mean an automatic suspension from future events. No refunds will be given.  

Miscellaneous Game Regulations

1. No running plays allowed.
2. No diving by the ball carrier is allowed. 5 yard penalty from spot dive was initiated.
3. The quarterback will not be allowed to run past the line of scrimmage (play will be blown dead).
4. The defender(s) rushing the quarterback must be at least five (5) yards off the line of scrimmage.
5. The center must snap the ball between the legs. Exception: 10 and under teams will be allowed to snap from the side.
6. All players are eligible receivers.
7. Clothing must be tucked underneath your flags.
8. One foot in bounds and possession of the ball constitutes a catch.
9. The offensive team will be responsible for returning the ball to the line of scrimmage after every play (in a timely fashion).
10. Only one player may go in motion but NOT toward the line of scrimmage (no shifts).
11. Substitutions will be allowed between plays. Players must make substitutions from one side of the field, which will be designated by the official.
12. Teams are responsible for their fans.
13. HIV/AIDS - No visible cuts or blood on clothing or persons. Prepare accordingly.
14. No alcohol allowed on site. Any person/team suspected to be under the influence and attempting to play will be automatically ejected.
15. The captain is the spokesperson for their team, not a spectator or coach.
16. Cleats are allowed but cannot be metal.
17. No stripping of the football is allowed. You must go for the flags. Penalty is five (5) yards from the point of infraction and automatic first down.
18. No spinning allowed. The play will be blown dead and ball marked at the point that the player initiated the spin (Only the Quarterback is allowed to spin to avoid the rush or change direction).
19. All forward passes must be completed beyond the line of scrimmage.
20. Hitting the Quarterbackâ??s arm in the throwing motion is a ten (10) yard penalty and automatic first down.  

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