action shots - important info

Action Shots at Flag Football X Tournaments are first come, first served due to the high demand of our highly experienced sports shooters. The process is very fast paced with a lot of moving parts, please see the important info below...

What is the fastest way to get support?

Via text message. By sending a text message first, the correct person from our staff will be able to respond to your text or call you if needed. If you call first, you may be asked to send a text, which could slow down the process of getting you help.

Do I register before my game?

Yes. Action shots are pre-register only. Register your game time and we will send a photographer to capture the action.

Where do I register for photos?

Visit the photography page on this site.

What if I don't see a photographer at my game?

We are set up to handle overlapping game times in most situations, however, depending on the layout of some orders, we may make some adjustments. For instance, we will look at your schedule to make sure we make it to one of your next games if needed. If you notice we are not there, you may send us a text message.

When will my photos be delivered?

Usually within 2 weeks. A link will be sent to your phone to download your photos. Prints and posters will be shipped separately at that point.

Where are team and individual photos taken?

The portrait style photos will be taken Sunday inside the stadium. Once you enter and go down stairs, we will be set up near the concession stand.
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