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2021 Summer Cowboy Stadium Tournament June 26-27

2021 Summer Cowboys Stadium June 26-27








5on5 | Saturday and Sunday  | Tournament is usually 4-5 Games (the last tournament most teams got 5 games and we may do it again for this one.   The only reason you will not get 3 pool play games on Saturday is if we have rain delays....if we need to delay due to rain teams may get 2 pool play instead of 3)  All teams should get a minimum of 2 games in the stadium but we reserve the right to limit it to a guarantee of 1 game if needed to allow more teams in the tournament.  All teams make the playoffs and playoffs in the stadium are single elimination.  Sometimes we do consolation games if we have time.


Saturday - 3585 World Cup Way, Irving, TX 75038

Sunday - AT&T (Cowboy's) Stadium


Championship Rings, Championship Flags and a Championship Team Banner.  Teams also get Half Bids to FFWCT Worlds in Tampa.


The divisions are listed below.  Next to each division is how many spots we have released for that division, how many have been taken, and how many are left.  If one division fills up we may close another division and add those spots to the division that is full.  Thanks!

ADULT DIVISIONS - Check below to see if there is availability in your division and then click here to register.

4on4 Open - 8 Total - this division has been moved to the July 31-Aug 1 event.

5on5 Competitive - 8 Total - this division has been moved to the July 31-Aug 1 event.

5on5 Recreational - 24 Total - 1 Available

5on5 Beginner - 24 Total - 0 Available

5on5 Coed - 8 Total - 2 Available

5on5 Women's - 6 Total - 3 Available


6U - (age of player as of January 1, 2021) 16 Total - 2 Available

8U - (age of player as of January 1, 2021) 24 total - 0 Available

10U - (age of player as of January 1, 2021) 16 total - 1 available

12U - (age of player as of January 1, 2021) 12 total - 2 available

14U - (age of player as of January 1, 2021) 8 total - 2 available



Registration is $395

Important Note - anyone coming into the stadium must have a tour pass to get in (see below what you get with the tour pass).  This includes players, fans, family and even children 4 and over.  The tour passes can be purchased CASH ONLY at the games on Saturday for $15.00 each.  Sunday, at the Stadium, prices go up to $17 CASH ONLY. Do not go to the regular Cowboys Box Office, to get the tickets on Sunday come in the stadium entrance K and we will be at a table just inside the door.  Parking at the event is free of charge.

Self-Guided Tours give fans access to the most popular areas of AT&T Stadium, and are available on days when the football field is down.
  • You'll start your Self-Guided tour in the AT&T Stadium Pro Shop. Self-guided tours give you access to the field, the Cowboys and Cheerleaders locker room, the Miller Lite Club and the post-game interview room.
  • Our knowledgeable Tour Guides are stationed in each area to provide you with information and answer your questions about the stadium.
  • On the field, we invite you to throw passes, run around and take pictures at your leisure. We have a photo station at midfield for fans to get their picture taken on our famous star.


click on this link for rules

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Are there games actually on the Cowboy's field.  - Answer: Yes, all teams get atleast 1 game on the actual field the Cowboy's play on.  Most teams will get 2 games, its single elimination.  Based on pool play results you will be grouped on Sunday with other teams with similar records.
  2. Is it double elimination?  Answer:  No, all teams get a minimum of 4-5 games.  You will get 2-3 pool play games on Saturday (depending on weather) and then ALL TEAMS REGARDLESS OF YOUR RECORD will make the playoffs in the stadium on Sunday.
  3. Do you provide flags?  Answer: No, you must have your own flags.  We sell them for $10 a belt.
  4. When will the schedules be available?  Schedules will be ready the Tuesday before the tournament - you will need to check this page.
  5. Do we need our own football?  Yes, and if you need one We will have footballs for sale at the fields.  Adult teams cannot use youth footballs and Youth is standard with normal youth leagues. 
  6. Where do I buy the tickets to get into the stadium?  We will have them at the fields on Saturday for $15 CASH ONLY and will have them inside the front door to the stadium on Sunday for $17 CASH ONLY.  Please do not buy your tickets from the Cowboys.
  7. Can I get a refund if an event is re-scheduled due to government intervention during a pandemic - we do our best help our flag football community but we must also stay in business.  Events are incredible difficult to plan and most of the work goes into preparing for the tournament and getting us to game day.  That being said, we don't want anyone to lose money or value so each event comes with its own strategy to take care of our teams. We do not issue refunds in general but we try to help the best we can.  For instance, when March 2020 was postponed we were all in shock and businesses and people were going through an unprecedented event.  In light of those circumstances at that time we immediately refunded money to anyone that was in an emergency situation.  For everyone else we asked that they pick one of the upcoming dates July 11-12, August 8-9 or  March 2021.  If there was something that kept you from ever being able to come back to one of our events and/or the one you registered for was a "Once in a lifetime bucket list kind of decision" then we would issue a refund after we made sure we had enough teams to make it through the next tournament and even then we asked that the customer please try to use the money for uniforms or footballs or flags.  Lastly, if you register for an event that is not postponed and you let us know a few weeks before the event happens we can try to find a team to take your spot and then transfer that money back to you that they give us.